The business of life is the cultivation of relationships and compassionate actions.  The degree to which you are in correct relation with Family Friends Children Coworkers Your job Your body Your hobbies And most importantly YOURSELF will determine your capacity to generate success, happiness and abundance. Compassion for yourself, for others and for the choices you have made gives you an understanding of what you do and why you do it. This empowers you to let go of limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns. Which in turn, unlocks your power, activates your passion, and releases your extraordinary self. Then the flow of ease and grace ensues.
The number one reason people seek my services is, they want more clients, to get more business, to make more money.  I ask them this question, "If I create a tsunami of clients for you, will every aspect of your business be able to maintain the quality of work that you seek to provide to your clients while still preserving your quality of life?" To authentically up-level your results and sustain them over time you must expand your personal universe as a whole. This is where clarity and structure are paramount, they are your catalyst for mind blowing results. Clarity gives you the foundation for making confident decisions and taking massive action. Structure gives you freedom by reclaiming time, increasing capacity and creating energy Now you operate with a moxie and an authority that is in total alignment with your heart and soul. This creates a magnetic business that attracts your ideal client to you.
 Play is one of the biggest taboos in our society and it is the one that may save humanity. The business of play is as vital to your success as anything else.  When was the last time you gave yourself permission to spend an entire day without the premise of being productive or the expectation of achieving results? Imagine allocating time for the sole purpose of just being and experiencing with the intent of feeling immersed in JOY and having FUN?    My most enjoyable, satisfying, and profitable business ideas have been sparked when I was playing, letting loose, goofing around and totally relaxed.  Play connects me to my inner child, my source of imagination and my inspiration generator. This allows the creativity to flourish, bringing desperately needed ingenuity and innovation. You bet I schedule my play time!   I have sent so many clients off to play. They remember who they are and discover their true genius. 
J Meehan is the embodiment of fierce compassion and freedom, who is surrendered to be her divine self in physical form. She has now dedicated her resources to the elevation of humanity and mother earth (Gaia). J is a mother of three auspicious and aware children. This grandmother to be is a consultant, coach and co-owner in multiple companies across multiple disciplines, ranging from real-estate to the tech industry. She is sharing her message of surrender, patience and compassionate action as an author, speaker, ordained minister and transformational coach. Specializing in a wholistic approach of Life, Work, and Play she helps people and businesses expand to bring about alignment with their innate genius and supernatural abundance. She has always embodied the entrepreneurial spirit; her compulsion for birthing and developing new businesses started when she was twelve and has perused her personal and entrepreneurial metamorphosis with relentless fortitude and passion ever since. A global citizen, her home is wherever she finds her feet. She loves being with her family, hiking, camping, swimming, riding her beach cruiser, connecting with new people and cultures around the world. J is seeking fellow black sheep, misfits and those who also feel out of place and time with a calling etched in their heart.
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Do you have a feeling that there is something out there bigger than yourself? Do you feel out of control of your emotions and your life? Are painful events repeating in your life and you don't understand why? Are you living in chaos and peace feels out of reach? Are you full of self-loathing, feeling not good enough and worthless? This is a book I wish someone had handed to me in 2007 when all the people I went to for advice couldn't tell me how to move beyond the pain, despair and self-sabotage. I felt alone and abandoned as I traveled through the dark night of the soul after being fired from my own business and sexually assaulted. Reading this book could give you a new perspective. These are the experiences of how I went from feeling broke, broken and hopeless to brimming with abundance, gratitude and love. This is my "how to" book for how I began to consciously create the life I was destined to live.

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